Meet the Doctors Of Agility Orthopaedics

Beyond credentials and experience, one important factor in selecting the right orthopedic surgeon is personal connection. It is vital that you trust and respect your physician in order to have confidence in their abilities to listen and address your needs. Take a minute to get a closer look at the surgeons of Agility Orthopaedics with a rare peek into their unique personalities!


Five Things You Don’t Know About Dr. Nadaud

  1. My favorite hobby is playing guitar. I play in a garage band with two of my friends from college.
  2. I sustained a shoulder injury while skiing in college. Two years later, after undergoing arthroscopy, I relied on medical school friends for rides to class and even needed assistance tying my shoes.
  3. I ran my first marathon at the age of 37 with my wife. Thankfully, proper training helped us both to avoid common running injuries such as shin splints, hip pain and muscle pain after crossing the finish line.
  4. I started Greek dancing at the age of six. Thirty-four years later, my three kids started taking lessons and will perform annually at our local festival.
  5. Most of my free time is spent with family. I am very involved in the activities of my three children. From co-leading my son’s scout troop to coaching baseball, I enjoy being very involved in each of their lives.



Five Things You Don’t Know about Dr. Rabenold

  1. I worked at a hardware store as one of my first jobs. With a physical component to the job, this was my first taste of how important it is to avoid work related injuries!
  2. I am currently pursuing an Executive MBA at Washington University in St. Louis to help be an advocate for patients in the future of health care.
  3. My favorite music is 90s alternative, especially Audioslave and Chris Cornell.
  4. I am the oldest of 3 children. Married now for 40 years, our parents really spaced things out. My brother is 8 years younger and my sister is 17 years younger.
  5. I was a high school athlete and played hockey in college at Canisius College. Throughout my years of playing sports, I suffered sports and overuse injuries, so I understand how it feels not being able to participate. I still play weekly in a men’s hockey league in St. Louis.


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