Holiday Travel: Stretches and Exercise for Health

Are you traveling this holiday season? Whether you are strapping in the car for a long road trip or racking up frequent flyer miles on an airplane, November and December are prime months for holiday travel. But don’t let your travel plans interfere with your physical health.

It is easy to get out of a normal exercise routine when you are traveling. You might not have access to a gym or the desire to put in a hard work out. However, this is the best time to make sure you are taking care of your body. Stretching and moderate exercise are great ways to not let the indulgence of the season add numbers on the scale. Don’t let holiday travel interfere with your health this season.

Stretching is not only great for circulation and mobility. It is also important to prevent bodily issues such as back pain and blood clots while sitting for extended periods of time during holiday travel. Here are some easy stretches to do while traveling:

  1. Twist while seated. Gently twist your torso while inhaling and exhaling.
  2. Walk. This may seem simple but even walking down the aisle of an airplane or getting out for a brief stroll at a rest stop is great. This can help blood flow and stretches out your limbs.
  3. Neck stretch. Slowly tilting your head from left to right allows you to stretch the muscles in your neck.
  4. Toe touch. Without locking your knees, simply reach your finger tips down toward the floor. This stretches not only your legs but also your back.
  5. Side stretch. While standing, reach your arms over head and gently tilt from right to left at the waist.
  6. Upper body stretch. Reach your arm across your body while sitting. Use your opposite hand to gently press your outstretched arm to your chest. Switch arms and repeat.

Beyond stretching, there are a number of simple exercises you can do while traveling away from home:

  1. Jogging or walking. Setting out for a walk or a jog is an easy, free way to get your heart rate up. Using an application such as Map My Run can help you track your distance and calories.
  2. Yoga. Incorporating yoga moves into your day is a great way to decrease stress and tone your body. Apps like Fit Star Yoga and Daily Yoga are easy to use from your phone or other electronic device.
  3. Pack your gym. Packing along items like a jump rope, tension bands or small hand weights can amp up your personal exercise session.
  4. Run the stairs.
  5. Class pass. Many gyms around the country offer a class pass that you can purchase and use for classes at other gyms. This can be a cost-effective way to stay in your gym routine while traveling.
  6. Fitness trainer apps like Sworkit, 7 minute workout and Workout Trainer: personal fitness coach are great ways to get a detailed workout routine that you can do anywhere.

Rather than let holiday travel be an excuse to skip a workout, use it as a reason to try something new. Take advantage of time away from the normal stress of home and work to explore new types of exercise.

Happy Holidays!

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