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Overuse Injuries: Prevention for Youth Athletes

Overuse Injuries in Athletes Orthopaedic surgeons have seen an increase in the occurrence of overuse injuries in children over the past several years. This shift has been associated primarily with youth athletes.  The trend to specialize in a single sport at a young age has certainly contributed to the rise in overuse injuries in this […]

Yoga and Orthopaedic Injury Prevention

Practicing Yoga Yoga has many proven benefits. From mental to physical, you can improve many aspects of life no matter your age or ability level. If you already incorporate yoga into your weekly routine, you likely experience the many benefits this exercise has to offer. But did you know how important this practice be for […]

Cortisone Injection: Risks and Benefits

Cortisone Injection Are you suffering from pain and swelling in your tendons, muscles, bursa or joints? You might be seeking a treatment option that can alleviate the pain quickly without an invasive procedure. If so, a cortisone injection may be one of the options you are considering. What is a cortisone injection? A cortisone injection, […]