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Hydration and Orthopaedic Injury

Hydration is such an important topic as the summer months approach. Young or old, athlete or bystander, staying hydrated is important for many reasons. And when it comes to injury prevention, hydration is one of the best tools you have to stay safe. Risks of Dehydration Did you know that your risk for orthopaedic injury […]

Broken Toe: When to Seek Treatment

A broken toe can cause significant pain, often limiting mobility. If you have ever dropped something on your toe or simply jammed it, you know how painful this type of injury can be. But how do you know if seeking treatment is necessary for your toe injury? If you are suffering pain resulting from a […]

Broken Toe Diagnosis and Treatment

Symptoms of a Broken Toe A broken toe may seem like a minor injury as it impacts a small bone. But if you have ever suffered from this type of break, you know how substantially it can impact your daily life. From pain to limited mobility, dealing with the aftermath of a toe injury can […]

Knee Replacement Recovery: What to Expect

Is a Knee Replacement Right For You? If you are contemplating a knee replacement, there are likely several factors you are considering in deciding on this type of surgery. You are probably thinking about the procedure itself, the risks, benefits and recovery process. Experiencing chronic pain in the knee and limited range of motion can […]

Overuse Injuries: Prevention for Youth Athletes

Overuse Injuries in Athletes Orthopaedic surgeons have seen an increase in the occurrence of overuse injuries in children over the past several years. This shift has been associated primarily with youth athletes.  The trend to specialize in a single sport at a young age has certainly contributed to the rise in overuse injuries in this […]